Can I Hide Made with ClickFunnels?

March 11, 2024

If you're using ClickFunnels to create your landing pages or sales funnels, you may have noticed that all pages generated on the platform include the branding "Made with ClickFunnels" at the bottom. This branding is added by default and is intended to promote ClickFunnels to potential customers who visit your pages. However, you might wonder if it's possible to hide or remove this branding. In this article, we'll explore the concept of ClickFunnels branding, discuss why it is included, and delve into the steps you can take to hide it. We'll also touch on some potential consequences of hiding the branding and discuss alternative options that ClickFunnels offers in terms of customization.

Understanding ClickFunnels Branding

Before we dive into the process of hiding the "Made with ClickFunnels" branding, it's important to understand what it entails. ClickFunnels branding refers to the visible presence of the ClickFunnels logo and text on your funnel pages. This branding serves as a way to advertise ClickFunnels to your visitors and potentially drive more business for the platform.

What is ClickFunnels Branding?

ClickFunnels branding, often displayed as "Made with ClickFunnels," is a small logo and text that appears at the bottom of the pages you create using the platform. It serves as a way to indicate that your pages were built using ClickFunnels. This branding is added by default and cannot be adjusted within the page editor.

Why ClickFunnels Includes Their Branding

Now you might be wondering why ClickFunnels includes this branding on all pages created using the platform. There are a few reasons behind this. First and foremost, it helps to promote ClickFunnels itself. By having their logo and text displayed on your pages, ClickFunnels can potentially attract new customers who are interested in creating similar funnels. It also serves as a way to establish credibility, as visitors may recognize the ClickFunnels brand and feel more confident engaging with your pages.

Furthermore, ClickFunnels branding acts as a form of social proof. When visitors see that your pages were created using ClickFunnels, they may perceive your content as more trustworthy and reliable. This can be especially beneficial if you are selling products or services, as potential customers are more likely to make a purchase if they feel confident in the platform you are using.

Another reason for including ClickFunnels branding is to foster a sense of community among users. By displaying the logo and text, ClickFunnels creates a visual connection between all the pages built using their platform. This can create a sense of belonging and unity among ClickFunnels users, which can lead to increased engagement and collaboration within the community.

Exploring the Need to Hide ClickFunnels Branding

While ClickFunnels branding can be beneficial for promoting the platform and establishing credibility, there are instances where you may want to hide or remove it. Let's take a closer look at two key reasons why you might consider hiding the "Made with ClickFunnels" branding.

Professionalism and Branding

As a business owner, you may have invested time and effort into creating a strong brand identity. In such cases, having another brand's logo and text displayed on your pages might not align with your desired image. By removing the ClickFunnels branding, you can present your pages as a seamless extension of your own brand, enhancing the professionalism of your online presence.

Imagine you have meticulously designed your website to reflect your unique brand personality. The color scheme, typography, and overall aesthetic are carefully chosen to create a cohesive and memorable experience for your visitors. However, when the "Made with ClickFunnels" branding appears on your pages, it disrupts the visual harmony you have worked so hard to achieve. By hiding the ClickFunnels branding, you can maintain a consistent and professional look throughout your website, reinforcing your brand identity and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Customization and Personal Touch

Another reason why you might want to hide the ClickFunnels branding is to add a personal touch to your pages. By removing the "Made with ClickFunnels" text and logo, you can create a more customized experience for your visitors. This can help you stand out from other ClickFunnels users and make your pages feel more unique and tailored to your specific audience.

Imagine you are a coach or consultant offering personalized services to your clients. You want your website to reflect your expertise and create a sense of exclusivity. By hiding the ClickFunnels branding, you can craft a bespoke online experience that aligns with your niche and target audience. You can incorporate your own branding elements, such as a custom logo or tagline, to create a cohesive and personalized atmosphere. This level of customization allows you to differentiate yourself from other ClickFunnels users and establish a stronger connection with your visitors.

Moreover, hiding the ClickFunnels branding gives you the freedom to experiment with different design elements and layouts. You can unleash your creativity and design pages that truly resonate with your audience, without any limitations imposed by external branding. This flexibility allows you to create a visually stunning and engaging website that captivates your visitors and encourages them to take action.

Steps to Hide 'Made with ClickFunnels'

Now that you understand the reasoning behind hiding ClickFunnels branding, let's walk through the steps to achieve it. Follow these instructions to access your ClickFunnels account settings and make the necessary changes:

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Accessing Your ClickFunnels Account Settings

To get started, log in to your ClickFunnels account. Once you're logged in, locate and click on the account settings section. This is usually found in the upper right corner of the platform's dashboard.

Navigating to the Relevant Settings

Within the account settings, look for the "Branding" or "Advanced Settings" option. Click on it to access the specific settings related to hiding the "Made with ClickFunnels" branding.

Making the Necessary Changes

Within the branding or advanced settings, you should find an option to disable or hide the ClickFunnels branding. Simply toggle the setting to the off position or follow the prompts provided to remove the branding from your pages. Once you've made the necessary changes, save your settings and exit the account settings section.

By hiding the ClickFunnels branding, you can create a more personalized and professional experience for your visitors. It allows you to maintain a consistent brand identity without any distractions or associations with the ClickFunnels platform.

Additionally, removing the "Made with ClickFunnels" branding can help you establish yourself as an independent and credible business owner. It gives your website a polished look and reinforces your authority in your industry.

Furthermore, hiding the ClickFunnels branding can contribute to a seamless user experience. When visitors land on your pages, they won't be reminded that they are on a third-party platform. This can increase trust and engagement, as users will focus solely on your content and offerings.

Potential Consequences of Hiding ClickFunnels Branding

While hiding the ClickFunnels branding can provide benefits, it's essential to consider any potential consequences it may have. Let's explore a couple of aspects that might be affected by hiding the branding.

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Impact on Customer Support

One potential consequence of removing the ClickFunnels branding is that it may affect your access to customer support. ClickFunnels offers support to its users, and in some cases, they may use the presence of branding as a means of verifying that you are a paying customer. If you encounter any issues with your ClickFunnels account or need assistance, be aware that the absence of branding may require additional steps to verify your account and eligibility for support.

Effect on ClickFunnels Community Features

ClickFunnels has a vibrant community of users who can connect and interact through various features and forums. By hiding the ClickFunnels branding, you might limit your visibility and recognition within this community. While it's not a significant drawback, it's worth considering if you value engaging with other ClickFunnels users and participating in community discussions.

Alternatives to Hiding ClickFunnels Branding

If you're seeking customization options beyond simply hiding the ClickFunnels branding, the platform offers a few alternatives that might better suit your needs. Let's explore two popular options.

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Using Custom Domains

One way to present your pages without visible ClickFunnels branding is by utilizing custom domains. By connecting a custom domain to your ClickFunnels account, you can create URLs that reflect your brand rather than using the default ClickFunnels domain. This allows you to maintain a consistent brand image throughout all aspects of your online presence.

Upgrading Your ClickFunnels Plan

Another alternative is to upgrade your ClickFunnels plan. Depending on the plan you're currently on, upgrading may grant you additional customization options. Higher-tier plans often include features that allow for more extensive branding customization, providing you with greater flexibility in crafting pages that align with your brand identity.

In conclusion, while it's not possible to hide or remove the ClickFunnels branding directly within the page editor, there are ways to achieve a more customized and professional look for your pages. Whether you decide to hide the branding or explore alternative options, it's essential to consider the potential consequences and weigh them against your specific goals and priorities. By evaluating your needs and utilizing the available options, you can create compelling and personalized pages that align with your brand vision on the ClickFunnels platform.