Integrating With HubSpot

This article will teach you how to integrate HubSpot with ClickFunnels so you can send leads and contacts over to your HubSpot lists.

Why you would need this

If you have a HubSpot account and wish to use this to send leads from ClickFunnels to HubSpot, this article will teach you how to integrate the two platforms.

What you will need

Note: You must have a paid HubSpot account for this integration to work.

Step 1. Retrieve Your HubSpot API Key

  • From your HubSpot Dashboard, click on your Account in the top right.
  • Click on “Integrations.”
  • One the left sidebar, select HubSpot API Key.
  • Click to “Show key.” 
  • Copy your HAPI Key. 

Step 2. Integrate HubSpot with ClickFunnels

Note: as above, if you don't have a static list created in HubSpot, you will run into an error integrating. Make sure to set this up as per above.

  • From within your ClickFunnels Account Settings, select “Integrations.”
  • Click “Add New Integration.”
  • Search for HubSpot in the search bar. 
  • Give your integration a Nickname. 
  • Enter your HAPI Key. 
  • Click “Add Integration.”

What you can do now

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